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Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment | Key/Onew | G | 952 words.
—ummmm yeah. i was just really bored so this is really random. :)

It all started so awkwardly, with Kibum and Jinki getting dragged at the middle of their living room, Minho sneakily playing Quasimondo (what the hell, Kibum had snarled) for them to dance to. Jinki's hands were stuck on Kibum's waist and Kibum's arms around the other's neck, all thanks to Taemin who almost taped them together. Swaying together with the music flow, they both had sour faces turned towards the stereo area where Minho sat, laughing with Jonghyun and the maknae.

"Seriously, just because he's cripled right now doesn't mean I can’t punch that alien face of his," Kibum scowled, staring everywhere but not Jinki's eyes.

Jinki laughed in reply, his gentle and warm smile appearing in his face. "Let them be, it's our private party, anyway. It's not like anyone can see us except those three idiots, so don't be embarrassed," he said calmly, and Kibum felt those familiar tingly feelings going up from his back to his neck as Jinki nestled closer to him.

Kibum realized that he's probably all red right now, his face feeling all hot just because of Jinki's face inches away from him, his warm and soft hands on his waist so he decided to change the topic instead. "You're drunk," Kibum scrunched his nose and pushed Jinki a little bit away from him. Jinki just shrugged in reply, staring at Kibum as if it was normal that he drinks, or get drunk, or even act as if he and Kibum are the closest person on the Earth, because seriously they're not even close to that.

"But you're drunk too," Jinki pouted.

Kibum shook his head in reply, ignoring Jinki's statement. "You do know that I don't like it when you're drunk, right?" he grumbled, smiling slightly for no reasons. He felt hypnotized just with the way Jinki's grip on his waist tightened. He felt like falling in his arms and--or never mind, it might have just been the alcohol seeping in his body.

"Yeah, I know," Jinki replied simply, still staring at Kibum's face intently, and Kibum turned his face slightly, just to ignore that nervous feeling building in the pit of his stomach as Jinki leaned in closer. "You're really really really reaaaally pretty right now," he slurred the words out in admiration, still continuing to stare and proceeded to giggle on his own after.

"W-What?" Kibum embarrassedly muttered, looking around to see no one at the corner of the room now, which was suddenly dim-lighted and God damn he is so gonna kill those three later for setting this up.

Jinki nodded, before continuing to mumble alien words he rarely tell anyone, or even use in his daily life. "Your lips are...really pretty," reaching his hand out as if it was a natural gesture, he slightly touched Kibum's lips with the tip of his finger. Kibum stopped breathing for a while, holding his breath before a small gasp echoed from his beautiful lips. "And your feline eyes too."

"W-what the hell are you doing?" he shrieked a little bit, but soft enough not to let anybody else hear except the two of them. His hands started shaking as Jinki pulled him even closer, his grip on his neck getting tighter. And as Jinki started leaning in, Kibum wanted to go crazy as his breath touched his face, feeling funny and nervous and all sort of glad they were left in this awkward mess.

"Close your eyes," Jinki commanded and Kibum didn't even have the strength at all to push this drunk guy away from him, closing his eyes as he felt those warm, thick lips enveloping his in a quick second for the first time in his life, their faces matched and perfect together as their lips locked.

It was amazing, the way Jinki's lips fitted his, the way their hands snaked together as they pressed their bodies closer without even words to exchange on what was this all about, because they just knew it was a perfect moment for them to cherish at that exact time. Kibum wondered why he felt this way, why out of everyone to fall in love with, he fell for this idiot who can’t even take care of himself properly but can still get perfect with every bits of his different and attractive features. If felt so wrong yet so right at the same time, seeing as they're both two guys but he doesn't care anymore. And he doesn't mind the fact that maybe, maybe Jinki's just really drunk and intoxicated to do this. Same goes to himself.

Breaking the kiss away, Kibum gasped when Jinki rested his lips on his cheeks instead, breathing harshly at it but Kibum still felt the smile stretching on his cheeks. "I love you," Kibum whispered almost to himself, and he realized he had said it out loud instead of just in his mind because the way Jinki laughed was so amazing, the sound tinkling to Kibum's ears and he chuckled back as he hit the other's shoulder lightly. He felt a little sane right now, and he doesn’t blame the alcohol anymore because he felt his chest swell with happiness he couldn’t explain.

And this moment, it was one of the best and probably most memorable evening (or morning, it's one am) they've ever had together. Kibum doesn't even want to think of what might happen later when they wake up, whether it will be good or bad, but the way Jinki cradled him in his arms already made him feel assured of what will happen after this.

He was sort of thankful in the end to those three bastards, but it's not like he's gonna tell them anyway.

Tags: *fanfic, fandom: shinee, pairing: key/onew
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